ÓYEME, FIAPAS | Digital Campaign 

FIAPAS is an NGO support the death community in Spain. 

Together with a group of talented individuals, we developed and implemented a successful digital awareness campaign. Through Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/fiapas/ ​​​​​​​) and Twitter we shared our campaign, to each the target audience of young professionals and young adults. Apart from utilising social media platforms to drive the campaign, we built a microsite with content regarding the campaign as a call for action. Each social media post included a description driving visitors to the microsite for more information and to view the whole campaign, concept, and ideology.

We interviewed four young deaf people and created a series of short, black and white videos where we interview deaf people. The aim of these videos is to inform society about our objectives and insight. The videos were black and white to evoke a stronger emotion but also to make the focus of the campaign on the people sharing their stories

Campaign Insight

Just because you can’t physically see a disability doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.
Young deaf people want to be heard and have the right to be heard.

Campaign Objectives
To raise awareness about deaf people in Spain and 
the challenges that they face in daily life.

To challenge the prevailing stereotype of deaf people being 
unable to communicate through speech and relying solely on sign language.

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